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Natal Chart Reading                                             

1 – 1.5 hours approximately

A natal chart is a representation of the planetary positions at the time of one’s birth (date, time and place). It is a guide to self-knowledge. The information provided will cover strengths and weaknesses, relationships, carreer, finances, among many other life aspects. 



Yearly Forecast                                                  

1 – 1.5 hours approximately

This is a thorough assessment of the astrological chart focused on the year ahead, or time line indicated by the client.


How to Schedule a Session:

Please send an email or call me with your birth information: date, place, birth time. Include your phone number, Skype ID, your current location, and best days and times to have the reading. Usually I can schedule a session within one week, sometimes sooner.




Other Services:


A yantra is a sacred geometric symbol used for active meditation. Each yantra is composed of
a unique configuration of shapes and colors.




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